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Mystic Forest

2D Layout

2D Layout

3D Layout Editor

3D Layout Editor


Real-Time Strategy


PC - Singleplayer

Engine Used:

Warcraft III Level Editor

Tools Used:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

yEd Graph Editor
Photoshop CS5.5


'Mystic Forest' is a Warcraft III single player level made in 2 months. The pre-production, the production and the post-production of the level was entirely done by a single person as it was a part of an 'Individual assessment' university project.

In this level, the main character who is a peasant has to find and collect 3 powerful weapons for the Undead’s leader Lich in return to free the Human Alliance’s captured leader Archmage. The first three weapons are guarded by the filthy Orcs. The lastweaponis with the Orc’s leader Far Seer. Since the peasant does not have any powers to fight the Orcs, Lich the Undead’s leader gives powers to the peasant.


2 months



Level Designer


- Conceptualization
- Story Writer, Dialogue Writer
- Designing 2D Level layout, 3D Level in Editor
- Level Pacing, Level Balancing

- Scripting the level in Editor

- Documentation

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