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Galactic Rivals


3D Fighting Game


PC - Multiplayer 

Engine Used:


Tools Used:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel


Galactic Rivals is a Fighting Game designed by a team of 44 people out of which 21 were game designers and 23 were animators. The entire game was completed from scratch within a course of 13 days as a part of a 'Double Intensive Week' University project.

Galactic Rivals is a game set in the future, where the robots wipe out the entire human race and take over planet earth. Very soon, they get bored of having nothing to do and establish a fighting tournament. The tournament serves as a form of entertainment and also helps to decide the king of all the robots.


13 Days



Game Designer

'ReXXoR' Character Combat Design

- Brain Storming with other Designers & Animators
- Designing Combat Systems and Balancing
- Coordinated with three animators for Animations of the 'ReXXor' Character 
- Tweaking combat values for 'ReXXor' Character in Excel

Ultimate of all characters

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