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Engine Used:

Tools Used:



PC: Windows & MAC - Singleplayer

Doom - Snap Map 

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Powerpoint

yEd Graph Editor

Photoshop CS5.5

5 Days

'BlackSite' is a custom single-player level created for Doom as a part of an 'Intensive Week' University Project. This level is made by a team of 5 game designers. The level was published in steam on February 3rd, 2017.

To play the map:

 - Search for the Map tag 'NC8GPCZ9'


UAC soldier has been caught by demons and is left in a cage in hell. He must find a way to escape back to Earth. On entering the Mars Facility he accesses the AI VEGA. With the AI’s help, he finds a way to power the teleport back to Earth. He explores the facility to find the 2 cores required to bring the teleport chamber online. In doing this, VEGA explains that he needs access to open the doors. A technician which was part of the player character’s unit has this access. So he must travel back to hell to find the technician and bring back their arm. Now armed with weapons he can battle the Baron of Hell and his minions that had locked him up.

Level Designer



- Conceptualization
- Brain Storming with other Designers
- Level Pacing and Balancing
- Scripting the Levels and Puzzles
- Documentation

Level Walkthrough

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